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PrEP, Sex & Health

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Add your daily or event-based PrEP intake right within the app, so you are always protected.

Daily intake lets you set reminders to never forget your pill, while event-based intake enables you to log two pills a day.


Keep a journal of your past activities with monthly overview, so you can always remember what was going on in your sexual life.

You can also add partners with their name and notes and link them to specific activities.

Activity Details

Details on your activities give you the very best insights. You can add start and end date, protection, penetration and partners.

Ratings and notes are available with Preppy+ and enable even more information.

Preppy also supports Apple Health!


Regular check-ups are crucial. You can manage your appointments with date and time right within the app.

As soon as you get your results, you can add them to the respective appointment.

Preppy also lets you add appointments to your calendar.