Expense Tracker

From ice cream on the weekend to the hairdresser next month to the rent - with 2Spend you can plan all your expenses and keep track of them at all times. You can also see how much you have left over each month. Maybe next time you'll have an extra scoop of ice cream! 🍦

Enter your monthly income, your expenses and your fixed costs. Categorize everything into over 30 categories and mark items as spent with just one swipe. Create wishes and plan what to treat yourself. 🎁

Become a power spending planner and use 2Spend on all your devices! It works automatically - all through your iCloud. The app is optimized for use on iPhone and iPad. Add the super handy widgets to your homescreen and always stay up to date. 📱


  • Expenses of the current month
  • Mark expenses as planned or done
  • Enter wishes and convert them into an expense
  • Create collections with budgets to combine different expenses
  • Yearly overview to display your monthly balance sheet
  • List all income, expenses and fixed costs with search function
  • Create recurring payments with different intervals
  • More than 30 categories to choose from
  • More than 100 title suggestions to add expenses even faster
  • iCloud sync
  • Support for iPhone & iPad
  • Widget to view the scheduled issues of the current month
  • Widget to view the balance of the current month