HIV Prevention & Activities

iOS • iPadOS

PrEP (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) helps you to protect yourself from HIV as a precaution. By taking PrEP on a daily or occasional basis, you can effectively prevent an infection. Check with your doctor which regimen suits your lifestyle. 🎗

Preppy helps you to keep track of your PrEP intake, either daily or occasionally. You can store your activities, with whom you met, what you did and how it was. Additionally, you can enter your PrEP check-ups, save them to your calendar and store your test results.🩸


  • Calendar view and intake history
  • Track daily or event-related intake
  • Daily reminder to never forget to take your medicine
  • Store activities with type, position, protection and rating
  • Add notes to each of your activities
  • Add appointments for checkups
  • Add tests performed at an appointment
  • Add test results (positive/negative) after your appointment
  • Add appointments to your calendar
  • Widget for overview of the last 4 days
  • Real-time sync across your devices
  • Additional safety with FaceID or TouchID


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